The Best Caribbean Island – Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean Islands

The Best Caribbean Island – Eastern, Western, Southern Caribbean Islands

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While only about 41 islands are well-known, the Caribbean is home to more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. With so many options to choose from, it's difficult not to find one that  suits your vacation plans. The Eastern Caribbean Islands are the closest to the United States and thus are the most popular routes for cruise ships. A little further into the Caribbean are the Western Islands where the islands are so different, it's hard not to please your traveling companions.The Southern Islands offer a rich array of cultural diversity and natural wonders from volcanoes to mountains, rain forests to waterfalls. Whether you're on family vacation or a couples vacation, travelling solo or travelling with friends, we've narrowed down some of the best Caribbean Islands for different kinds of vacations to make your vacation planning a piece of cake. 

The Caribbean is the destination of choice for families around the world whether they are seeking adventure or relaxation. Many Caribbean islands offer great escapes for families, but some more clearly cater to the family unit than others. In the eastern Caribbean, the family destination of choice is Grand Bahama. This island excels at providing whole family entertainment. Horseback rides on white sand beaches and reef snorkeling excursions are just the beginning. The Lucayan Caves at Lucayan National Park offer a breathtaking adventure amid a tropical paradise. The park also boasts an excellent stretch of quiet beach with outstanding snorkeling.

Families staying on Grand Bahama flock to Sheraton’s Grand Lucayan resort. An on-site kids camp blends education, adventure and fun while providing adults with a little privacy. While the kids enjoy themselves at camp, parents can book spa appointments or hit the elegant shopping area. This resort boasts golf courses, multiple bars and restaurants and tennis courts. Families who stay here just might find it difficult to get out and explore the island with so many distracting amenities at hand.

In the western Caribbean, families are drawn to Grand Cayman and its vast diversity of entertainment. Families indulge in helicopter tours of the island and can also visit a turtle farm. Adults and children can swim with dolphins or stingrays for an unforgettable experience, or learn about the history of the western Caribbean at the Cayman Islands National Museum. Resorts like the Grand Cayman Marriott organize a myriad of events to keep every member of the family involved and entertained. An on-site nanny service ensures that parents get all the relaxation they need while staying on the island.

When romance is the focus, these islands deliver with plenty of vacations that are designed with just two people in mind. Couples love to escape to secluded Tobago in the southern Caribbean. This tiny island caters to couples who are getting married, honeymooning or just looking to rekindle a romance. Tobago does not boast the frantic pace of adventure and nightclubs that predominate on other islands. Instead, the mood here is serene and always conducive to couples who are more interested in each other than they are in sightseeing. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful destination with white sand beaches and gorgeous tropical landscapes. For a singularly romantic experience, couples stay at the Le Grand Courlan Resort & Spa, which offers various romance and honeymoon packages. Booking a couples’ spa service is the perfect way to relax and indulge together.

Set in the sparkling eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia is another vacation hotspot for lovers. The island offers plenty of recreation, such as the Diamond Mineral Baths. The fascinating Diamond Waterfall changes color several times a day, and for a nominal fee guests can experience the vaunted healing properties of the mineral baths. If the island is not particularly crowded, this can be an intimate and intriguing experience. However, perhaps the best reason for couples to come to St. Lucia is the Anse Chastanet resort. It sits on some 600 spectacularly lush acres that features a quiet stretch of shoreline. A range of various types of accommodations allows the resort to cater to guests with diverse budgets who nonetheless want to relax and get away from it all. This smaller sized resort ensures privacy and a level of customer service that few destinations in the area can match. For couples who want to focus only on each other, there is no better oasis.

Independent single travelers may journey to the islands with relaxation or partying as the goal. Fortunately, the Caribbean Islands provide solo travelers with opportunities for both. Perhaps the best Caribbean Island for single travelers who just want a relaxing escape is St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This eastern Caribbean island is sparsely populated, and the locals indulge in a laid-back lifestyle that visitors appreciate. A stop at the sleepy village of Cruz Bay is a must because of its pastel painted architecture and interesting mix of boutiques and restaurants. At beautiful Trunk Bay, solo travelers can relax on the beach without worrying about a lot of noise and distraction.

Other solo travelers have just one goal in mind: partying. This might mean meeting scores of new friends, making countless romantic conquests and dancing the night away. A stay at Turks & Caicos may be just what these travelers need. The main attraction for solo travelers here is the adults-only Club Med Turkoise resort. The adults-only atmosphere attracts many singles, and the nightlife at this all-inclusive resort has been known to get pretty wild. Also of note on this eastern island is the Grace Bay region of Providenciales, where guests will find bars and nightclubs in abundance.

Some of the best vacations are those that are experienced with friends. For an all girls' getaway, consider a trip to Barbados. On this southern Caribbean Island, the standard of living is high and the crime rate is low. That means a clean, safe destination where girls can concentrate on the fun. Bridgetown offers crowded excitement, but more adventurous ladies should check out the island beyond the city where local culture predominates. Stay at the Sea-U Guest House, where hammocks and yoga classes keep everyone relaxed and happy.

St. Martin is an eastern island that would definitely be a great destination for a group of guys looking for adventure and excitement. An abundance of party beaches and bars makes this the best Caribbean island where guys can cut loose. In addition, a zip line and other pulse-pounding attractions at the Loterie Farm seem designed to cater to an all guys’ weekend. 

A trip to any one of these sparkling tropical islands is bound to be memorable. Travelers can find the best Caribbean Island by simply knowing who their traveling companions will be and what kind of holiday they would like. With opportunities for both relaxation and adventure for travelers of all ages, these islands provide some of the best vacation experiences anywhere. 



Image (CC) Mike Short of Balidon

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