Caribbean Travel On a Budget – Cheap Caribbean Beach Resort

Caribbean Travel On a Budget – Cheap Caribbean Beach Resort

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Vacationing in the Caribbean doesn't have to break your bank or in other words, it doesn't have to be out of control expensive. There are a ton of places to eat, drink, and stay that have amazing deals. When travelling on a budget you may think that a Caribbean beach resort is out of the question, but in fact, some of them are quite afforable. By keeping these tips in mind, your family vacation won't have to be hindered by the thought of money.

The Caribbean probably isn't the first vacation destination that comes to mind when you think of "budget travel" but you may be surprised at how much you can save simply by choosing the right islands to visit. By skipping the big-name tourist islands like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas, and opting instead to visit the lesser-known isles of the region, you'll be able to enjoy a getaway to paradise at a price that will make the experience all the more sweet. Here are a couple of the most affordable islands to put on your itinerary.

St. Maarten and St. Martin

Actually just one island, with the side of St. Maarten owned by the Dutch and St. Martin by the French, these two little locales offer different experiences at great prices. St. Maarten boasts a more flashy atmosphere for those looking for the fancy beach resort experience, while St. Martin is more laid-back, but since they're on the same island, you can get a taste of both sides very easily.


Though much of it was decimated by a volcanic eruption in the '90s, Montserrat has rebuilt and is now back to being a great tourist destination for cheap Caribbean vacations. Sporting black sand beaches and some of the best diving sites in the world, Montserrat is great for those seeking a trip that's a little adventurous and offbeat but still relaxing and reinvigorating.

There is no shortage of great food no matter where in the Caribbean you travel, but those on a budget may find that the best inexpensive eateries are kept secret. While the more intrepid may find some on their own, with a little guidance anybody can dine well in the islands without being sick looking at the bill. Locals often set up food stands in tourist areas and in marketplaces. The food offered here can range from bland to some of the best treats you'll have on your whole trip. Coconut water is cheap, ubiquitous, and refreshing, and jerk meats and vegetables beg to be tried. Food stalls are a great option for lunches and snacks, so instead of splurging at a restaurant, stop by a couple and try out their offerings.

Most visitors to the islands want to enjoy a drink or few on their trip, and finding budget bars and clubs is best done similarly to how you'd do it at home: asking around. The majority of drinking spots offer deals and have special nights when you can get discounts, such as ladies' night. The cheapest places probably aren't going to be geared at tourists, but rather will be smaller and service more locals. Ask a variety of people where the good deals are tonight - locals and other vacationers - to find the best places to enjoy your night.

Often the biggest expense travelers face once they arrive at their destination is accommodation. Hotels, especially ones on the beach with lots of amenities, can easily eat up much of your travel budget in a very short period of time. But depending on when, where, and how you book, you can get a great price on a resort, boutique hotel, or traveling inn.

If you want to stay at a resort during your Caribbean travel, you'll be shelling out money no matter what, but you can save a huge amount by skipping the chain hotels and big names. Instead, stay at a local resort - usually these have a more personal feel as well as a lower price tag. Often, you can get a room for around $100 a night, and sometimes even less. If you book a package trip with the resort, you can end up saving on food, drink, activities, and transportation as well, so be sure to check and see if there are any specials. Also look for online booking deals, as these can save you a good percentage, waive fees, or get you extra perks.

Some of the best budget Caribbean resorts include:

The Carimar Beach Club in Anguilla is nestled among high-priced luxury resorts but offers villas at affordable prices. The villas include kitchens and are situated right on the beach.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort, St. Lucia, is a favorite spot of budget travelers. With a prime beachfront location and reasonable rates year-round, it is a great option for families, couples, and solo travelers alike.

Bird Rock Beach Hotel, St. Kitts, is a relaxed resort that offers rooms with private patios and stunning beach views. It is secluded and a little far from the tourist spots, but its low rates more than make up for the distance.

You can also save money by opting for an inn, bed and breakfast, or small hotel instead of a larger resort, but no matter which type of accommodation you prefer, you can get a cheap Caribbean vacation with a little digging.

Just about any vacationer you talk to, regardless of destination, will tell you that saving money on trips is important. Money is tight for many families, but that doesn't mean sacrificing travel is necessary. During your Caribbean adventure, you can do a lot of little things to ease the strain on your pocketbook. Try to keep away from tourist traps and hotel gift shops - instead, buy your souvenirs from locals for better prices. And experience the natural beauty of the islands on your own with free online guides or books rather than expensive tours. You'll save money but get a rich experience.

Cheap Caribbean travel is by no means impossible, or even as difficult as some may make it seem. There are all kinds of options available that can save you money but still allow you to enjoy the tropical beaches and wonderful flavors of these ocean getaways. You don't have to sacrifice your fun or your money to have a truly memorable trip.

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